Poetry of Inspiration Love & Expression

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Poetry of Inspiration Love & Expression

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Poetry of Inspiration Love & Expression
by Tommie J. Wimberly Sr.

The author and poet, Tommie J. Wimberly Sr., believes by reading his poems they will touch your heart, soul, and mind. They will uplift your spirit and encourage and inspire your everyday life. Mr. Wimberlys poems are separated into three different categories. First, he writes spiritual poems to bring his readers to a close experience with God by his own personal faith. He writes about faith, love, and strength. He also writes about motivation, salvation, and forgiveness. Secondly, he writes about love poems, the feelings that two people can share in a relationship, that special bond and unity, especially for those who find their soulmate and share an unconditional love. Last, Mr. Wimberly freely expresses himself about personal experiences and life situations we all face in everyday life.

Mr. Wimberly wrote his first poem in high school, called My Guardian Angel. He showed the poem to his teacher and she told him he had a special gift. Mr. Wimberly continued to write poems and people were amazed. He began to write for relatives weddings and anniversaries. People and church members would ask him to write for their church programs or plays.

Mr. Wimberly accepted Christ at the age of seventeen. He believes when he gave his life to Christ, he was given the special gift of poetry. Mr. Wimberly believes by sharing his gift, God will surely lead you to your own personal experience by the heartfelt reading of his poetry and definitely lifetime classics to keep.

(2011, paperback, 92 pages)