Poetry, Parables, Prosperity, Passion, Peace, Promise, Perfection

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9650-0
UNKNOWN AFRIKAN This book was written by man, but inspired by Gods Holy Spirit, to encourage true believers, disciples of Jesus, to stay focused, grounded, and planted in good soil, for one day soon we shall see our Lord face to face on that glorious day. Keep hope alive in your temple, the Kingdom of God is coming. This book is also written to share the love of the Good News to those who have not yet received the true love found in Jesus Christ. Lastly, this book is a wreath to commemorate the countless souls lost in the world because of the evil in mans heart against his God. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A work in progress, Brother Rex has been saved by Gods grace and mercy and is pressing toward the mark, sharing the Good News with everyone who has an ear to hear, thus saith the Lord. He testifies to what the Lord has done in his life and what God can do for you if you have faith. May this book give you comfort by drawing you closer to Jesus the Christ. Keep your eye open as a watchman on the tower. Jesus is returning; love and peace to the brethren. (2005, paperback, 94 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.