Politically Incorrect ConservaLexicon for the Tenderfoot Pundit

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Politically Incorrect ConservaLexicon for the Tenderfoot Pundit
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Politically Incorrect ConservaLexicon for the Tenderfoot Pundit
by Joe Schaller

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

Enough with the PCBS! We live in an Orwellian political world of propaganda and indoctrination advanced by a corrupt media-academic-bureaucratic complex. Deception is the method for grasping power and control. Dedicated Republicans are even confused regarding history, economics, science, and conservative principles. I present a list of words, terms, expressions, quotes, myths, facts and definitions conflicting with the prevailing paradigm of acceptable ideology, language and notions of political correctness. The ConservaLexicon is meant as an essential resource for any and all who seek to achieve enlightenment and wish to halt the advance of cultural indoctrination. After decades of foraging bookstores and the internet I have finally found my glossary reference source of no-holds-barred irreverent conservative wisdom, and enlightened myself in the process of creating it.

About the Author:

Joe Schaller lives in Gallup, New Mexico with his wife Louise and is a freelance writer. He grew up in Pullman, Washington, home of Washington State University. As a hippie counterculture dropout he returned to college in 1973 and graduated from Eastern Washington State College in 1977, prior to the age of politically correct indoctrination, with a bachelor of science in nursing. He became a commissioned officer with the Public Health Service stationed at the Gallup Indian Medical Center beginning eight years of health care professions including orthopedics, psychiatric, home health care, materials management and air ambulance. Joe married in 1985 and obtained a private sector job as a turquoise dealer with a local jewelers supply lasting 26 years. Schaller was an active backpacker and Sierra Club socialist in the 1980s before rejecting liberalism in the 1990s. He has closely followed the environmental movement since the 1970s. As a hobby he became an expert in basketball quantitative analytics with his NBA Total Performance Ratings, doing a sixteen year stretch with Rivals.com. Joe has utilized his array of lifetime experiences and dogged research to write as a citizen watchdog and conservative columnist for several Gallup newspaper publications.

You can contact the author at schaller_6@msn.com.

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(2016, Paperback, 138 pages)