Ponder Essence

Ponder Essence
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Ponder Essence
by Kirk Edward Hunt

About the Author

Author Kirk Edward Hunt wrote these poems because he truly felt them. Sometimes, he would wake up in the morning, lie there, and think about life; he would look out the window and the poems would just come to him. Deep thought and therapeutic release was much needed. He made it a long way on therapeutic release. Not only that, but people loved his writing and Hunt felt as though he owned the world; his world anyway.

Hunt has been through a long and tedious recovery from a traumatic head injury he suffered back in 1994. Although a lot of his physical ailments were rehabilitated rather quickly, considering the circumstances, he still to this day suffers from minor balance and memory issues, as well as migraine headaches. It is also true that he went through a hard time, psychologically, due to the fact that he had become a totally different person and he was not sure if he liked him very much.

Well, with the wind at his back, his writings providing an outlet, conversations with many good people, a positive attitude and desire, not to mention a strong family and a strong faith in God, Hunt will become, to the best of his abilities, the person he wants to be.

Thank you. Hunt hopes you will enjoy his poetry.

(2013, paperback, 63 pages)


Ponder Essence (eBook)
Ponder Essence (eBook)

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