Portals -eBook

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Portals -eBook


By: Michael Lodico

About the Book

Portals is about a typical high school teenager with struggles. The novel takes place in the year 2060. Teenager Lou Sills has the same problems as teenagers today, but in a different time period. Lou is pestered by bullies in school. He gets interested in science in the past, present, and future. He follows a college professor who discovers wormholes. When Lou goes to a seminar at his high school on a weekend, Lou gets interrupted by bullies and suddenly gets thrown into a wild adventure through the wormhole.

Fasten your seat belts on this wild ride through the universe with Lou and a few familiar and odd beings.


About the Author

Michael Lodico lives in Crystal Lake, Illinois. He is currently teaching sixth grade science in District 300 in Algonquin, Illinois. He has been teaching for 28 years. He currently lives alone with his two cats Raven and Nova. His interests are music, writing, science, painting, and movies. His best interests in science focus on animals and astronomy. As a kid growing up he was familiar with classic horror and science fiction movies. They have always been his favorites.

Michael is a cancer survivor twice over and strives to live life to the fullest. He lives a vegan lifestyle and does his part to help the planet. He wishes love and peace to all beings.


(2019, eBook)