Portia's Dream

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Portia's Dream
by Linda Kelly Portias Dream is an adventure that transports you to another world filled with beauty, danger, and excitement. Portia is a teenager with a heartfelt mission, searching for her identity and connection with part of her family she never knew. A spirited teen, Portia is filled with emotions that often cause her great joy and deep sorrow. Although she lost her parents in a tragic car accident when she was three, their memory is vividly alive in her heart. Along with this sorrowful past, Portia is troubled by a recurring dream of the enchanted world of her birth, Narj. Family and friends try to convince Portia that the dream is nothing more than a wishful fantasy to be reunited with a loving family. Portia is convinced her dream is not imagination but true memory. Determined to find the truth, Portia embarks on a difficult course that strengthens her character. A loyal collection of friends are caught up in Portias mission. Mark, her best friend and budding love, supports her on her quest. Dr. Irvine, her science teacher and mentor at Millburgh Academy, has a warm heart and believes anything is possible. Ben, Portias friend from math class, uses a wheelchair and is anything but disabled. And her Nigerian friend, Fatima, comes from an African village background, interwoven with folklore, which allows her to readily believe in Portias dream. Join Portia and her friends on her remarkable journey in Portias Dream. Will Portia discover everything she knows is a dream or is it, in fact, reality? ABOUT THE AUTHOR I was born and raised in the Midwest, and Ive lived in St. Louis or St. Louis County all my life. My mother was Sicilian, and my father is German. Because of this, I enjoy a very colorful family background on both sides. My mother was my best friend and always encouraged me to write. Her passing three years ago gave me the desire to complete my book. My first attempt at writing was a science-fiction story I wrote when I was ten called The Angry Red Planet. It awoke a passion in me for the written word. As a teacher at St. Vincents Home for Children, I wrote and distributed the Cool Science Newsletter, documenting my students many accomplishments and sharing the cool news about what students were learning in my science classes. One popular section was the Creature Feature Zone, with posted illustrations of strange creatures in nature. I am happily married to my best friend, Tim Kelly, who has been a great support system in my life and my writing. My husband, Tim; my two sons, Charlie and Alex; my daughter-in-law, Maggie; and my stepdaughter, Samantha, fill my life with new adventures. My great dog, Spunky, is my inspiration for many creatures in my stories. (2007, paperback, 254 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.