Poems & Songs by Bro. Chester

Poems & Songs by Bro. Chester
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Poems & Songs by Bro. Chester
by Chester Wolf

Author Chester Wolf would like to share the secrets to a healthy, holy and joyful life. Faith, wisdom and hymns have borne him on throughout life. True love carried the author on when his best friend was ushered into Heaven.

Enjoy reading how the authorís life was blessed by being in the center of Godís will. Humor and truth will gently lead to a rewarding experience and wise words will be shared to the weary.

As the author suffered many asthma attacks and the loss of a mate, God began giving him poems and songs to cheer the sad, heal the broken-hearted and brings words of encouragement to all who need a special touch.

Be set free in Jesusí name.

(2015, Paperback, 58 pages)


Poems & Songs by Bro. Chester (e-book)
Poems & Songs by Bro. Chester (e-book)

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