Practical Contact Center Collaboration

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Practical Contact Center Collaboration

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Practical Contact Center Collaboration
by Ken Burnett

Good management is dependent on having teams of knowledgeable, dedicated and capable employees who can work collaboratively and harmoniously together to achieve a companys and clients goals. This should be within a framework that has form and structure. Thus, the basis for a fused contact-center, i.e., all activities such as incident management, problem management, capacity planning, metrics, security, etc. are fused from a business perspective. This book is an introduction to help readers understand practical topics, working together, and following Best Practices. These elements are essential in environments whose role is to be a one-stop center for information and problem resolution. A contact-center fulfils this role and is considered the nimble nerve-center of an organization. Many traditional areas are covered such as Risk Management, Security, Auditing, Soft skills, Metrics, etc. but so are topical areas such as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Greening and Vulnerability Management. Because of its universality, the book will appeal to Auditors, ICT Specialists, students, general management and, of course, staffs who are contact-center centric.

About the Author

The author is an honors graduate of Ottawa University, Canada; author of The Project Management Paradigm; and an international consultant. He has worked for the past fifteen years in Malaysia and was a member of this Malaysian governments Web Shapers, whose task was to develop a blueprint for electronic government, which evolved into a project portfolio, prioritizing projects and culminating in Concept RFPs. By implementing this blueprint, the government improved its capability to deliver systems and support its knowledgeable workers with appropriate computer systems and tools. His successful career has covered computer operator to general manager of customer services. Prior to Malaysia, he worked within the Canadian Government as a senior manager before moving to the private sector as director software development and subsequently as a freelance consultant.

(2011, paperback, 442 pages)