Pray'in/Praiz'en Kids

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Pray'in/Praiz'en Kids
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Prayin/Praizen Kids
by Andrea Y. Shelton

Do you want to teach your children and other children how to pray, but dont know how? Wouldnt it be great to have a guide to teach your children or students about prayer? When children know how to pray, it helps them to develop a relationship and intimacy with the Lord. Prayer can help children become a person of purpose, character, strength, and confidence.

Prayin/Praizen Kids is a prayer curriculum that utilizes the armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18), confessions, scriptures, crafts, and character development stories to teach children about prayer. The multi-sensory curriculum integrates proven methods of teaching and instruction.

Sheltons prayer curriculum has been used at youth camps and in a home school program to teach children from different faith persuasions about prayer and character development. The curriculum stimulates a genuine desire in children to pray, praise, and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

About the Author:

Andrea Y. Shelton has spent more than ten years as an educator for grades preschool to middle school. She has been a home school instructor and tutored students from preschool to the undergraduate level. Shelton has coordinated youth ministry for churches and other ministries. She has functioned as a co-director of a neighborhood vacation Bible school and enhanced other childrens curricula with innovative and creative ideas. She holds graduate degrees from Oral Roberts University in divinity and counseling. She has travelled as a missionary and interacted with children in several foreign countries.

Shelton resides in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.

(2017, Paperback, 60 pages)