Preparing You for the Return of Jesus

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Preparing You for the Return of Jesus
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Preparing You for the Return of Jesus
by William E. Blanchard

In preparing for Gods Kingdom, in light of what lies ahead, we can only imagine the endless possibilities that God has prepared for His children in paradise.

Take the time to think about what the Holy Spirit has revealed in this book. Are you prepared to meet Jesus, our Creator, in His appointed time? Remember, you know your birth date, but do you know your time of departure? Death by natural causes is imminent for all mankind, unless one is taken by rapture. This leaves no room for compromise.

Knowing that eternal destiny is inevitable for everyone, the final question is: where will you go when that time comes?

As time draws nigh for the second coming of Jesus, the message is clear. The author prays that you are prepared for Him.

About the Author:

William E. Blanchard understands he can do nothing for himself. Only the Author and Finish of his faith, Jesus, deserves all the glory and honor.

This book, Preparing You for the Return of Jesus, is the authors second book to be published. It has challenged his creativity and inspired him to new heights in his journey which has only really begun towards the fulfillment of Gods planned purposes and will for his life. Nothing is more satisfying or gratifying for Blanchard than what he does for Jesus-Yeshua Ha Mashiach, God Almighty.

(2017, Paperback, 290 pages)