Presley Pearl and Choppo

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Presley Pearl and Choppo

Presley Pearl and Choppo

By: Randi Cutrell

About the Book

Presley Pearl and Choppo have a bond that only a six-year-old little girl and a thousand pound horse can understand. Every day is a new day and adventure to them. Every experience, whether it be moving cattle or searching for lizards on old rock walls is filled with love and respect for one another.

                Choppo was Presley Pearl’s mother’s horse and has been in her family since he was a colt. Choppo now has the important job of taking care of Presley Pearl as he once did her mother. Choppo is twenty-six years old, Presley is six years old and together they make quite the team. Come along and share their story of exciting adventures and friendship.


About the Author

 Randi Cutrell was raised on rural ranches in the Texas Panhandle, the L.S. and LIT Ranch. Cutrell went to Channing ISD the majority of her school years, but graduated from Tascosa High in Amarillo. Cutrell went on to get her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico. Cutrell enjoys writing, journaling, gardening, cooking and reading. Cutrell’s main focus in life is her family. Her goal is to raise happy, healthy and compassionate children who grow up to pass it on.

(2017, Hard Cover, 30 pages)

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