Prime Time Poetry

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Prime Time Poetry

Prime Time Poetry

By: Joan M. Green

About the Author

Joan M. Green was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. She had an uneventful childhood; the fifth of seven children. She has always been a poetry buff and an avid reader. She enjoys, in her spare time, science fiction and history books, sporting and outdoor activities; such as fishing and camping. She adores tent camping and feels that anyone who shows up with their tent on four wheels are cheaters and are not really into the great outdoors.

Green is a realist at heart, never to be caught with rose colored glasses on her eyes. She looks at life as it is, not as she would like it to be. Her readers, whom she adores, will find that reality in her poetry. Green pulls no punches and takes no wooden nickels. She strongly believes in telling it like it is and, constantly seeks the open-minded, light-hearted, and non-judgmental individuals who have been known to exhibit a sincere ability to feel a binding compassion, for the heartbreak and reverses of this world’s suffering humanity, and others.

Being a people-person, Green feels strongly that our children should be protected at all costs. She is an animal lover and is never without the company of her pet Golden, Wilson. Green is a devout Christian who cherishes God’s word and her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She strongly believes in the adage of live and let live, as well as the GOLDEN RULE.        

Currently, Green is retired from career in nursing and resides in the western United States with her husband of twenty years. They have three grown children, eleven grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren. Green has four other publications besides Prime Time Poetry.

(2018, Paperback, 122 pages)

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