Princess Indigo & the Fraliens & Cyber-Rats & Pets

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Princess Indigo & the Fraliens & Cyber-Rats & Pets

Princess Indigo & the Fraliens & Cyber-Rats & Pets

By: Sarah Long

About the Book

Princess Indigo and the Fraliens & Cyber-Rats & Pets is a fun, adventuresome story about Princess Indigo, who is not your typical princess. She is a totally awesome, out of this world, and beyond cool princess who does not like the “normal, blah-blah” princess stuff.

She has just moved to Brooklyn, NY with Queen Mom where she meets a very different prince, Prince Figuro, in a most unusual way. Prince Figuro’s evil stepmother, Queen Petra, who is from outer space, changes Prince Figuro into a “Fralien,” an alien frog, when he forgets to clean his room! She changes his name to “Figgy” and banishes him to the Land of Fraliens with another family.

Can Indigo save Prince Figuro, aka “Figgy,” and change him back into a prince? Or will Queen Petra succeed with her evil plan?


About the Author

Sarah A. Long graduated from New York University with a BA in Psychology, but has always loved writing and Graphic Design. So much so that she received her Graphic Design degree from Baruch College and continues to enjoy photography. She has five beautiful children, whom she also dedicates this book to, and lives next to the ocean. Sarah is presently working on a middle-grade series about Princess Indigo, the Fraliens, and many new characters including Queen Petra’s Army of EVIL ALIENS – the EVILIENS – who want to take over the World, and let’s just say NOT for the better!


(2019, Paperback, 60 pages)

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"Thank you so much for sharing Princess Indigo and the Fraliens with me. You’ve managed to pack so much action into this manuscript—nicely done! All the lively characters and fun shenanigans reminded me a bit of the Secret Life of Pets movies, 
so I agree with you that this story would certainly make a fun film series for kids. You’ve created such a fun cast of characters that I really didn’t want to leave the story—I wish the manuscript was longer!"