Private Eye Zoey: The Mystery Solving Dog

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Private Eye Zoey: The Mystery Solving Dog
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Private Eye Zoey: The Mystery Solving Dog
by Barbara Hopkins

Private Eye Zoey is the first literary project for author Barbara Hopkins.

Ms. Hopkins has a lifelong love of animals. She adopted a mixed-breed dog from the local animal shelter and named her Zoey. Combined with Ms. Hopkins background in forensics and law enforcement, the idea of Private Eye Zoey came to life.

The Private Eye Zoey series is centered on a mixed-breed dog named Zoey who comes to the aid of local animals to solve their various problems. Zoey uses critical thinking and her investigative skills to efficiently complete each of her cases.

Ms. Hopkins currently resides in the southwest United States with a menagerie of pets.

The illustrations for Private Eye Zoey were done by Ms. Hopkins twin sister, Beverly, who resides in Utah. Both sisters actively support animal rescue groups.

(2012, paperback, 28 pages)