Problem Concern Scale and Response Monitor

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Problem Concern Scale and Response Monitor

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Problem Concern Scale and Response Monitor
by Russell K. Ladson

The Problem Concern Scale and Response Monitor is a tool that has a set of statements numbered zero to ten and allows a user to acknowledge and register their perception of a personal relationship to conditions that may be classified as a problem. The book does not attempt to teach people how to solve problems. It is an effort to help improve the results of an individuals personal problem solving strategy through a quick and easy micro-assessment of the significance of the problem to them. The goal of the book is to help the reader practice early problem assessment activity at a more consistent and conscious level of examination before responses to problems occur.

The author has a background in social services and sees the book as a helpful supplement to the problem solving strategies in use by individuals, self-help groups, students, counselors, family therapists and other practitioners in a professional human service environment or personal problem-solving endeavor. Problem assessment, anger management, domestic violence prevention, law enforcement, business management, customer service training programs, and human response monitoring are some areas the author believes could benefit from the book.

About the Author

Russell Ladson has worked in Chicago, Illinois as a social service professional in the public sector for the past forty years. This experience includes juvenile probation, child welfare, a variety of program development, contract management, and private agency licensing responsibilities. He is currently working in a planning unit in the state mental health authority. The author has a bachelors degree in human services, a masters degree in communications science from Governors State University, a Doctor of Education degree from Grant College, and a masters degree in social work from Loyola University. The author is a self-described low key and minimally intrusive kind of person who is satisfied with doing a good job and moving on. For Dr. Ladson, Problems were generally of minimal concern because most of them belonged to other people. Social work, in all of its areas, is a problem solving profession. Problems are just another day at the office until all of the problems you have are yours, even though yours are generally smaller than any you have encountered at work.

(2009, paperback, 118 pages)