Taking Off the Mask - eBook

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Taking Off the Mask - eBook

Taking Off the Mask

By: Antoinette Jackson

About the Book

Get ready to experience a journey to living an authentic life and a life of freedom from behind the mask with Antoinette Jackson.

                Antoinette realized she was wearing a mask in her twenties. From childhood to adulthood, through pain, rape, abuse, and disappointments, layer by layer she became comfortable in being disguised by her masks. She wasn’t willing to let go until there was a spiritual awakening through hearing and applying the word of God. Antoinette was able to peel back layer by layer through a few God-given friendships, receive healing, deliverance, and, through prayer and praise, the love of God came to her rescue.

About the Author

Antoinette Jackson has been teaching the word of God since the late 1980s.

                Antoinette has ministered to those incarcerated and those that struggled with long-time addictions and domestic violence. She continues to hold her ministerial license through By His Word Christian Center in Tacoma, Washington.

                Antoinette is the founder and president of Inside Out Ministry, Inc. established in August 2016. Inside Out Ministry is an outreach ministry that is dedicated to Christ to reach the lost and hurting through teaching and instructing change through the word of God. (Romans 12:1-2)

                In this book you’ll learn signs that you could be wearing a mask and, through scripture, begin healing.

 (2017, eBook)