The Prospect

The Prospect
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The Prospect
by Eliot Parker

Shane Triplet is one of the best baseball prospects in the country. He has been drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and assigned to the Sheaville Loggers, a minor league team located in the depressed logging town of Sheaville, West Virginia.

Shane’s arrival in Sheaville brings hope and high expectations for the team and the town’s residents. But Shane and his family have lived in Sheaville before.

When Shane falls in love with Olivia Mitchell, some dark secrets are uncovered, revealing a painful history between the Triplet family and Sheaville. Balancing the enormous expectations of success with the challenges of redeeming the Triplet family name will be the ultimate game for Shane, physically and emotionally.

About the Author

Eliot Parker is an assistant professor of English at Marshall Community and Technical College in Huntington, West Virginia. He specializes in teaching writing and literature. In addition, he is a sports broadcaster for WRVC radio in Huntington and the ISP Sports Network. He covers high school sports and Marshall Thundering Herd sports for both networks. Eliot has been recognized for excellence in sports writing and broadcasting by the Society of Professional Journalists.

His literary influences include John Steinbeck, Homer Hickman, and Pat Conroy. His interests include reading, writing, and watching sports and movies. He currently resides in Huntington, West Virginia.

(2009, paperback, 234 pages)


The Prospect (e-book)
The Prospect (e-book)

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