Psalms from the Heart of a Worshipper

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Psalms from the Heart of a Worshipper
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Psalms from the Heart of a Worshipper
by Naida Wilson

There are approximately 300 references in the Bible using the term seek or derivatives thereof, such as seeketh, seeking, sought, etc. Of those 300, we find only three references to Father God seeking for anything. The first speaks of Him seeking His lost sheep, in Ezekiel 34:11.

John 4:23, the New Century Version, records: The time is coming when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, and that time is already here. You see the Father, too, is actively seeking such people to worship Him. In John 8:50, Jesus is saying that He was not seeking His own glory. There was One, His Father of course, who was seeking that for Him.

What an honor we, as Gods children, have been given to fulfill our Heavenly Fathers desire for worshippers. It is our first calling and the most fulfilling of the special privileges we have been given as Born Again Believers. Author Naida Wilson has expressed in Psalms from the Heart of a Worshipper examples which will inspire, motivate, and encourage those who wish to express worship and adoration to the Lord.

About the Author:

Naida Wilson lives with her husband, Bob, in Clinton, Missouri. The couple is retired. They have three very smart and very gifted children, ten amazing grandchildren, and sixteen adorable great-grandchildren.

Naida received the gift of poetic verse forty-some years ago and has published three other books. She says she cannot remember not wanting to know God, even though she was reared in a home where there was no teaching about God or even a Bible in the home.

(2015, Paperback, 114 pages)