PUBLIC GOODS, PRIVATE GOODS: the merging in global space

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PUBLIC GOODS, PRIVATE GOODS: the merging in global space

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PUBLIC GOODS, PRIVATE GOODS: The Merging in Global Space
by Annette Meyer

Global space can hardly contain the infinite volume of activities and pastimes that nations and people in them want to undertake, particularly when everyone demands that, whether it is goods or services, the provision should both be of the finest quality and at a reasonable price.

To add to the difficulties involved in achieving such goals, new obstacles arrive daily. Goals may be conflicting, nations may have different real and financial priorities, and individuals and institutions may impose on each other in unacceptable ways.

Public Goods, Private Goods: The Merging in Global Space confronts some of the basic issues raised by a bevy of economists and informed observers. It presents real, recent data for twenty nations, pertaining to environment, finance, and health, among other concerns. Afterward, it furnishes suggestions offered by economists, area specialists, and the author in an effort to smooth the passage to global reconciliation.

About the Author

In addition to Public Goods, Private Goods: The Merging in Global Space, I have written several other books that investigate the physical and financial economic properties of modern national societies. In the process of development, I have worked in the arts, business, and academic fields. I am proud to be Professor Emeritus of the College of New Jersey, and former Adjunct Professor of Economics at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

(2010, paperback, 148 pages)
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