Pumpkin and Lumpkin

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Pumpkin and Lumpkin

by Roger Lemire Roger Lemire used to tell his children stories made up from his imagination. He firmly believes it is important to guide young minds as they begin to travel through life and start to acquire the education they need to get along with others during their lives. Pumpkin and Lumpkin is subtly designed to teach children a lesson about being compassionate toward other people who are not like us, whoever we may be. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A retired senior aerospace engineer, the story of Pumpkin and Lumpkin came to Roger Lemire like so many of the stories he would make up for his children and other children he met throughout his life. Many people made him aware that there is a need for childrens books that teach what children need to learn. That is his motivation. (2005, paperback, 32 pages)