Purgatory of the Body

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Purgatory of the Body
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Purgatory of the Body
by Shahryar Cohanzad

By no means a surgeons medical report on transgenderism, its characteristics, or surgical procedures. Rather, these poignant memoires reveal the harshest realities of transgenders lives inside Iran. At times heartrending and at others heartwarming, Dr. Cohanzad reflects with a humane and intimate touch, the tribulations of his many patients whose lives he rescued. Amongst them animated accounts of a father murdering his own child, a rape survivor becoming a successful news anchor, a highly paid glamorous fashion model, determining factors for a surgeon to get involved in treatments of these people, and a big shot executive suffering transgenderism. Most astounding is the convoluted story of two Transsexuals unexpectedly crossing paths into wedlock, simultaneously seeking their true gender identities, and the enormous confusion for their children in the distortion of the father -mother figure! A Mafia like tale about a tremendously aggressive truck driver making a fortune, a failed love story and... The mystic dualism of GOOD-EVIL, LIGHT-DARKNESS, LOVE-HATE, PEACE- WAR are reflected in the spirit of these lives. Infused with wisdom and philosophical insights encompassing life as a whole, here is a very human story about remarkable human lives!

(2012, paperback, 108 pages)