Pushed Beyond His Years: Forced to Be a Man at Sixteen, and It Cost Him His Life

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8952-6
Pushed Beyond His Years: Forced to Be a Man at Sixteen, and It Cost Him His Life
by Constance P. Evans This book tells the story of a very poor family, how they lived and survived during the depression. There were parents Samuel and Lydia Crandall and six children: Helen, Marjorie, Sammy, Russell, Marian, and Constance. Big Brother, as we call him, wanted the family to be able to survive and have a home of their own. He started working out at Rices Gym and became a prize fighter to help the family get out of poverty. Sammys record showed forty victories in forty-six professional bouts. For some time, Sammy had been the number-one contender for the World Light-Heavyweight honors. This book shows that some of the boxing laws were changed in 1948, after the results of Sammys last fight. ABOUT THE AUTHOR My name is Constance P. (Crandall) Evans, the youngest of seven siblings and the only one living. I am seventy-three years old, a mother of two children, grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of nine, whom I call my great babies. I am the matriarch of the entire family, my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and nieces and nephews who are too numerous to count. I am a Christian woman, a church school teacher, a deaconess, a former deaconess director of the Ohio Baptist General Convention Womens Auxiliary, a mission president, a church clerk, a facilitator, and a speaker. My desire is to publish this material so my family will know the history of their uncle, Big Brother, who was a professional prize fighter, and how he died in the ring. (2007, paperback, 50 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.