Qualified to Be a Legend

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Qualified to Be a Legend
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Qualified to Be a Legend
by Mark Phillips

Qualified to be a Legend is a close glimpse into life in the entertainment industry. This piece of literature is a guide for upcoming artists and producers to understand there are natural consequences that come with choosing certain lifestyles. Qualified to be a Legend extends the notion that regardless of circumstance and situations, dreams come true. The key is to have faith and believe in yourself.

About the Author

Mark L. Phillips, Jr. is an artist with a business-focused mind who has imprinted the culture of hip-hop and music recording in his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Phillips founded the company Truly Blessed Entertainment LLC. Truly Blessed Entrainment has become a leader in gospel, hip-hop, and r&b production. Mr. Phillips attended University of Wisconsin Milwaukee before deciding to write, produce, and engineer independently. From 1999 to 2011, Mark Phillips Jr. has engineered and finalized over 250 recordings.

(2012, hardcover, 76 pages)