Queen City and Other Dimensions

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Queen City and Other Dimensions

Queen City and Other Dimensions

By: E.C. Wells 

About the Book

Queen City and Other Dimensions is a humorous satire of manners, mythologies, and social conventions. Satirized are a small circle of friends, Supreme Court Judges in the guise of Roman Catholic Cardinals, more than a few politicians, some evil benefactors, religion, and science.

                There is an infamous book from a distant planet pursued by many, including the Vatican. As the book goes through a succession of hands, each reader is changed by its magic.                                         

                Victoria Aires and her friends, members of the Friends of Erotic Artifacts, take a wild field trip to the caverns of sensuous delights on the far side of the Cheyenne Mountain Strategic Air Command, where they discover a government secret plot to spy on the citizens of Queen City with tiny bots; a test in preparation for spying on all world leaders. Chaos ensues when Queen City becomes the victim of a fracking disaster, the brain child of the Koch brothers who have set up shop by Lake Titicaca near a psychic retreat called Puerto Nostradamus.

                Queen City and Other Dimensions explores time travel, astro projection, folding of space, and so much more.


About the Author

E. C. Wells has been writing stage plays for over twenty-five years. He has won several international awards and his plays have been performed worldwide. All fourteen of his full-length plays, five one-act plays under an hour, and numerous skits have been published, many online. In his first novel he has relied on character and dialogue to tell a fantastical, satiric tale.

                After growing up in upstate New York, Wells did a stint in the US Navy, tried college but dropped out, then joined a community theatre group, started writing plays, and put his dreams for writing novels to bed. Growing up fifty miles north of New York City gave the author easy access to films, museums, and theatre. He enriched his theatrical experiences while writing reviews for a trade publication in New York City, Show Business. He went back to college in the 1970s and studied theatrical literature and English and American literature of the fin de siècle.

                Wells’ Queen City and Other Dimensions signals a new direction for success.


(2018, Paperback, 284 pages)

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