Quick Guide to a Stronger Economy

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Quick Guide to a Stronger Economy

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Quick Guide to a Stronger Economy
by Gary Doyle Smith

Gary Doyle Smith was inclined to work labor jobs and production lines, but in his later years he started doing courier work and discovered between deliveries he could listen to talk shows and learned that a lot of people were not informed about current events and recent history. He became more aware and knew he wanted people to know there are honest and dishonest people. A lot of people are being deceived by what they hear because they accept too many things without examining the information thoroughly. This is why he started writing, so people could read his studies and pull together a better understanding of economy, law, and politics in easy-to-interpret reading but not clandestined. Read his works and become aware of the tricks of some of the leaders, as well as the reprobates blatantly being so irresponsible.

When Gary is not writing, he enjoys bike riding to contemplate everyday life and think on other issues that are imminent and need to be presented to the American people once more.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)