Quiet Storm

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Quiet Storm
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Quiet Storm
by Valda Mutakabbir

Quiet Storm is about a Federal and International Intelligence Agent turned mercenary. He is hired by governments to infiltrate adversarial governmental infrastructures, steal top secrets and classified documents on clandestine operations and destroy those nations from withinif necessary.

Someone gave an order to assassinate Satin Masters and murder his family and destroy the Venus Corporation.

Agent Dawn Takabbir, the beautiful and perilous International Intelligence Agent, is thought to be the Worlds best Clandestine Operativeshe does not exist in government files.

She must find out whether Satin Masters is alive, determine who he is posing, and know for a fact that he has signed a contract to take control of Americas economical and political structure.

Now, after years gathering intelligence, she is ready to apprehend Satin Masters. Her superiors fear for her life, after an unsuccessful raid on Beyond Times Elite Security Facilities. Forensic teams only found Special Forces and Intel Agents corpses, and removed government issued slugs and casings.

The IIA Assistance Director orchestrates her abduction like they staged her familys death.

About the Author:

My name is Valda Mutakabbir. Salaam Mutakabbir is my partner and husband of nineteen years. We reside in Raleigh NC.

Im a Patient Tech at Raleigh Duke Health. Salaam is currently employed with Brown Building Corporation.

(2012, paperback, 198 pages)