Rainbow Over Clarkston

Rainbow Over Clarkston
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9564-0

by Armella Killion Schmidt

Sometimes emotional memories do not leave when the body dies, but linger in a restless state wherever the wondering spirits can gain attention, often in the area where the deeds were done. So it happens that an enduring spirit of love chose Charlotte to bring forth and reveal its deep disappointment and loss, always using natural phenomena to attract attention. The result of Charlotte’s quest reveals the complete and baffling story the community had long wondered about.

If we believe love lives on, always and forever, then the spirit Charlotte encounters truly does exist.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Eighty-two-year-old Armella Killion Schmidt leads an active and fulfilling life as a poet, an author of many articles, and hostess of a monthly television show on DCTV titled “Defiance Remembers,” an oral history of her Ohio hometown. Widowed in 1978, she has three sons and five grandchildren. In 1992, she remarried and acquired three stepsons. She is an avid conservationist who enjoys traveling to rural areas to absorb their beauty.

In 1996, her first fictional effort, The Tousled Gray, received local and wide acclaim.

(2004, paperback, 108 pages)


Rainbow of Clarkston [E-book edition]
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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9564-0 [E-book]

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