Raising the Red Flag

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Raising the Red Flag

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Raising the Red Flag
by Julie James

A southern nurse lives a secret life of shame and embarrassment in a diseased marriage to an alcoholic husband. Deception, lies, threats, and an impending divorce weaken her existence, wealth, and self-dignity. An untoward reaction from medical treatment and medications render her vulnerable, where she unknowingly commits a crime. Her only option is to loose her license or enter into a recovery program, which falsely labels her as an addict. Will this dangerous journey leave her defeated or with a glimmer of hope and vindication? Where should the line be drawn?

About the Author

I'm a creative, energetic, and independent southerner with a driven desire to succeed. I take on challenges, sometimes risky, and use experiences in life to help educate. I sometimes make mistakes but always stand up for what I believe in. I hold two nursing degrees and am business-minded, yet family-oriented, with a fun-loving soul. I am hard on myself, naive at times, but I strive to always do my best. Life's adventures inspire me to write. I always look for the positive in everything, believing everyone deserves a second chance. This is one of many publications.

(2010, paperback, 166 pages)