Ralphie and His Friends - eBook

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Ralphie and His Friends
by Willa T. Brooks

Ethnic diversity is a growing reality in this country. An increasing number of recent arrivals are moving inland from coastal areas to small towns and finding something less than an enthusiastic welcome. The boundaries of urban ethnic neighborhoods are also becoming less distinct. There are indications through the media that the concept of the great “Melting Pot” is being tested in areas where anyone new or different might be subjected to being ridiculed or more seriously targeted.

As usual, the hope for a better world lies with the children. Author Willa T. Brooks is hopeful that this picture book of Ralphie’s experience with newcomers will make the point that differences are allowable and might even be okay based on individual behavior and not on physical variance.

About the Author:

Author Willa T. Brooks was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She met and married a classmate of hers at Salmon P. Chase College of Business and Law where she earned a degree in Business Administration. She was widowed after twenty-six years of marriage. To help adjust to this major change in her life Brooks, along with her sister, did some extensive global traveling before relocating to California and finally to the Pacific Northwest. This travel experience afforded an insight into different cultures which were far distanced from her life’s experience.

This is Brooks’ first book. Her purpose here is to encourage acceptance of people of other cultures. She had a small marginally successful business, named “Ears” in which she hand crafted rabbits of fabric, designed after the lop ear species. Ralphie from Ralphie and His Friends emerged from this revelation that there were other varieties of rabbits as engaging as the familiar cotton tails.

She currently resides with her two dogs in Vancouver, Washington.

(2017, eBook)