Ramblings: An Insight into Human Demeanor

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Ramblings: An Insight into Human Demeanor

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Ramblings: An Insight into Human Demeanor
by Dr. Munir Cheema

Ramblings: An Insight into Human Demeanor is the memoir of a surgeon with heart.

Dr. Cheema tells the story of a doctor living and dying with his patients, struggling against the urge to question everything, especially why. He travels the world as a military surgeon, all the while trying to raise a family in whatever foreign lands they find themselves.

There are two parts of the book, each with a foreword by an eminent Harvard Professor. In the first part Dr. Cheema describes his experiences and in the second what he learnt from his life.

About the Author

Trained in Lahore, Pakistan, and England, Dr. Cheema decided to join the army. He retired after over a quarter of a century as a Brigadier General. He still remains professionally involved and oversees a Trust of a medical school. Dr. Cheema begins writing a memoir that soon turns into a travelogue.

The military surgeon then muses on military, medicine and men and ends up meandering in mysticism.

He has two children; both rebelled to choose their own ways.

(2009, paperback, 262 pages)