Ranger the Toy French Poodle

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Ranger the Toy French Poodle
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Ranger the Toy French Poodle
by R J Buras

Ranger the Toy French Poodle by R J Buras tells the true life story of a young Toy French Poodle. He grows up in the Christian Evangelist home of John and Abby Gail Buras.

R J Buras hopes you will enjoy reading Ranger the Toy French Poodle to your children.

About the Author:

Now retired, R J Buras lives in Kiln, Mississippi, with his wife, Jean, of 45 years. They are surrounded by their five children, John, Jason, Heather, Joby and Sarah.

R J is a native of Buras, Louisiana. As a young boy he loved the nature experiences of his home town. The marshes, bayou and bay adventures always included his best friend, his dog Tramp.

R Js careers ranged from river boat captain on the Mississippi River to commercial contractor to Marine Resource and Logistics Consultant.

R Js hobbies from his youth include baseball, guitar, steel guitar and performing as backup musician in musicals and concert venues. R J enjoys writing short stories from the Bible and enjoying his children, grandchildren, family and friends.

(2016, Paperback, 52 pages)