Rap Poet Society: Volume 2

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Rap Poet Society: Volume 2

Rap Poet Society: Volume 2

By: Charlene McClearn


About the Book

Charlene McClearn has a zeal for writing.  In an effort to make these truths to be self evident, McClearn has a tapped into the past, the present, and has her perspective about the future.  She acclaims her ability to convey her message through her writings.  She hopes that this is just the beginning of a journey where her talent can be discovered, and will continue to be convicted of these truths that are not apparent to the naked eye.  McClearn has formulated a platform which others might find liberating; she writes in concession with today times and this is just the tip of the iceberg which can only melt down to even more truths. The tracks are hot.


(2020, Paperback, 38 Pages)


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