Ravings of a "Lunatic"?

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Ravings of a "Lunatic"?
by B. Young

Time and time again, color has been the subject of disparity and injustice. While all of us are the same inside, the enduring division between blacks and whites keeps us all in a form of bondage. Not all people are able to see beyond skin-deep features; thus this is an eyeopener to the unmistakable truth.

In Ravings of a Lunatic? And Other Musings of an Ordinary Guy: A Book of Poetry, B. Young shares his thoughts about different concepts that dominate our society, from the unending thread that separates people due to difference in color, to the thoughts of appreciating ones natural physique and character, to certain life inspirations and consequential events.

Every one of us is given the ability to change what needs to be changed. In this thought-evoking book, B. Young wants you to ask yourself, What can I change to make things better?

About the Author

B. Young is a native of Norfolk, Virginia, and is currently a General Education Aide. While serving in the United States Army, he became a Certified Radiological Technologist.

Questions and various concepts that frequented his mind regarding society inspired him to write this book.

(2010, paperback, 72 pages)