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by Paul Andrea Silvio

Heart-warming stories about a Sicilian-American family.

Second generation Sicilians life experiences growing up in Chicago.

Old country stories from parents and grandparents.

Ravioli grew out of Paul Andrea Silvios book Silvio Family Memories, written for his grandchildren when Paul was told his neurological illness would progress and he would be unable to share his thoughts and history with his family. Ravioli is about the life of first generation Sicilian-Americans. This book provides an entertaining depiction of the times and a smattering of self-composed philosophies. One can leaf through the book and read at random.

In reading Ravioli it will become obvious that family relations are extremely important to Paul. Whether it was his Sicilian upbringing or his positive views of family growing up, he was happy to have been a part of it and able to share that with the reader. Paul was fortunate to have known all four of his Sicilian grandparents.