Reality vs. the Era

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Reality vs. the Era

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Reality vs. the Era
by Jennifer C. Parker

In order to survive the Era, you must understand whats in front of you, mentally. Reality vs. the Era is the microscope that allows you to see the psychological truth that lies beyond what you think is the face of reality in the foundation you walk on and live by. Can you see the thin line between reality and the era? Or, are you still oblivious? Reach in and grab the invisible hand of knowledge as you turn the pages and read its philosophy.

About the Author

After writing Poetic Visions through the State of Mind and The Era of Unchained Voices, I felt like the world should witness a more in depth view of who I am through how I look at life. Though Abstract Rose is how I defined myself, metaphorically, it reflects my desire to enrich the minds of society with a new outlet to encourage their strength to keep changing the world in abstract ways. I wrote the Reality vs. the Era as a continuation of The Era of Unchained Voices because in this era, the way you carry yourself controls the energy of the atmosphere towards you and around you. Why not give the atmosphere and the individual something to think about and dwell on in the process?

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)