Realms of Glory - eBook

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Realms of Glory - eBook

Realms of Glory

by Rudolph Lurz 

Three teenagers from Pittsburgh arrive in the afterlife, and find a tumultuous land on the brink of revolution. Heaven is more like Olympus than the Christian Gospels. War is coming. Devon Newcastle, Madison Camrose, and Patrick Varberg are forced to make choices that will determine the fate of the Realm. The teens are dead, but their coming of age stories are just beginning… 

About the Author 

 Rudolph Lurz is a doctoral candidate and writer. Writing this novel kept him sane during his dissertation research at the University of Pittsburgh. He enjoys traveling, running slowly, visiting breweries, and reading the road atlas. He also likes burning things in his backyard fire pit or sitting on the couch with his wife and cat. 

(2017, eBook)