Recycled Sculptured Art

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Recycled Sculptured Art
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Recycled Sculptured Art
by Denver Keels

The main reason I wrote this book was because I care about this great planet in which we live. I wanted to get on the bandwagon and do something positive to help reduce the landfill rubbish. So this is my alternative to discarded waste, by recycling a portion of our everyday garbage. We all couldnt do without our modern throw-away convenient stuff, but it seems like we lost respect for our earth. Nowadays you hear so much about global warming. It seems like we all need to get on the ball if we are to have a brighter future. We all need to make drastic changes and wiser choices to help protect our precious environment.

I hope this book inspires others to follow in my footsteps and show the world we care about solving our trash problem by recycling as much as possible through art. Mother Teresa once said, I only feel angry when I see waste, when I see people throwing away things we can use. And Bobby McLeod said, When the earth is sick and polluted, human health is impossible. To heal ourselves, we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet we must heal ourselves.

About the Author

Denver Keels grew up in southern Ohio. After graduating from Southwestern High School, he was drafted in the Vietnam War. Later on he attended Rio Grande College and Career Beauty School. Denver is a poet and had a book of poetry published called My Rustic Tree Etchings. He has won several awards for his poetry published in anthologies.

Denver is also a songwriter, and his recognition for his talent includes the 29 achievement awards and some songs published in various songbooks. You can find his songs on the Web by searching his name. His other hobbies are snow sculpting, pavement drawings, and collecting oldies. Denver is a member of VFW MAL, Vietnam Veterans of America chapter #OHO634, The American Legion post #0888, and Amvets MAL.

(2012, paperback, 108 pages)