Red Dolphin

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Red Dolphin

Red Dolphin

By: Rebecca Stevenson

About the Book

Based on the story of The Prodigal Son, Red Dolphin opens with Fawn Anderson seeking the world record for a seven minute breath hold while free diving. She soon learns that the goal will be almost impossible, but while on this journey of life Fawn endures many adventures, some she dreamed about and some she could have never fathomed. As the story ends Fawn finds herself in a place she had never imagined, but discovers it was the destination God had in mind for her all along.


About the Author

Rebecca A. Stevenson has had a passion for free diving for years. She has achieved a seven minute breath hold level: a rare achievement at the time for a woman. In her spare time Stevenson enjoys spending time with friends, spoiling her cat, Galaxy, and being an active member in many social organizations. Stevenson has been writing for the last forty-two years and has a deep faith that she shares with others through her writing.


(2019, Paperback, 124 pages)           

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