Red Storm

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Red Storm
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Red Storm
by Vanessa Y. Reed

The author Vanessa Y. Reed was inspired to write Red Storm by God through His Holy Spirit. She clearly remembers the day God spoke to her, sitting at work and feeling empty because she just lost her mom. God said to the author, Write a book, and the author looked puzzled she knew it was Gods voice and His prompting that was leading her, but why write a book? The author asked God, Write a book about what? God replied, About your life. The author felt she didnt want her life on display and, furthermore, who would be interested in hearing about a survivor of molestation, domestic violence and drug addiction? The author asked God, What do I say? God said, Tell the truth. The author asked God, Where do I start? God said, From the beginning.

Red Storm is inspired by true and actual events. Writing this book was very painful. So many memories were brought to the surface. Having been beaten, battered, abused, feeling hopeless, and wanting to die, the author cried out to God. At one point while writing this book, the author could actually remember the smell of one of her molesters cigarette-stench breath. Some of the memories made the author cry while writing this book.

The author now understands why God had her write her life story. Mainly to help those who are still suffering especially in silence and to let others know that if you seek God, He will answer your prayers. He promised He would never leave nor forsake us. This book is a living testament to the Grace, Mercy, and favor God gives over our lives. If one life is changed or touched by the authors testimony then shes touched many.

(2016, Hardcover, 174 pages)