Redeeming the Black Monster

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Redeeming the Black Monster
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Redeeming the Black Monster
by Afeso David

Austin Ojemgbede was born to a merry and boisterous polygamous home in Ososo, a beautiful small town located in the Edo speaking area of South-South Nigeria. His early years were filled with the joy and excitement of Masquerade festivals and Christmas which he cherished so much but for his predicament. He was born with sickle cell anemia and had a traumatic life of physical pain, emotional pain, and even the fear of death itself. This pain-inflicting monster often appeared during one of those joyful moments of festivities. Ososos rocky landscape, cool climate, and beautiful people and culture were simply the sweetest life offers, and even his pains could not deter him from relishing those colorful moments of masquerades' display, dances, and the chill the night jujus instill.

Christmas season in Ososo is always something to relish!

A spiritual transformation experienced in one of those fearful hospital beds of near death, during one of those scary blood transfusion ordeals, brought a new Light. This Light revealed a truth that did not revolve around just sickle cell but went deep down to reveal the deception of evil, the color of powers, the inside picture of Churches and the real sixth head of the Beast. At the same time, the fears of the sickle cell sufferers have not merely been allayed but completely dissolved, bringing with it something greater than mere hope.

This novel is 60% true-life story, 10% fiction and 30% revelations. All places and most events are real but not necessarily in real time. All names used here are fictitious.

(2012, paperback, 76 pages)