Reflections, Deja vu, Dreams, Reality Too!

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Reflections, Deja vu, Dreams, Reality Too!
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Reflections, Deja vu, Dreams, Reality Too!
by Dana Conway

Author Dana Conway is a longtime lover of photography and writing, She brings us both in her book of memories and struggles. This work reflects the writings of a recent breast cancer survivor that was inspired to complete past writings, as well as compose some new ones during her recovery.

Her work includes some inspirational and emotional words, as well as some traumatic compositions, as, at the very time of her battle against cancer, she was ending a twenty-two year marriage.

All these things lead her to the path that she always knew was there, writing. Her love for photography has existed since childhood, and it is a tossup which one speaks louder to her heart.

The picture she has chosen reflects the courage to shave her head weeks after her first chemo treatment. She says, "It was going to come out anyway, why not just get rid of it? I feel more empowered without the pieces falling out, and I don't think I look half bad without hair anyway!"

Welcome to her world of fantasy and reality!

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)