Reflections in the Mirror

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Reflections in the Mirror

Reflections in the Mirror

By: Riley Hunter Cooper

About the Book

Reflections in the Mirror is a love story of a mother and her youngest daughter. Between the lines, unspoken life parallels were discovered and fully put to rest. The true essence of motherhood and unconditional love were revealed as the author faced her own life challenges through the lens of her late mother. As is often the case, one can only move forward through looking back. The touch points of love and loss, childhood difficulties, divorce, financial challenges, and ultimately death are uncovered. This book gives all daughters of age a glimpse into the person they call “Mother.” Through this writing, they can come to fully appreciate their mothers as individual people with their own hopes, dreams, loves, and goals.

About the Author

Riley Hunter Cooper is at heart, first and foremost, a mother, step-mother, and grandmother. She has also been a health care executive for over thirty years. A product of the Women’s Movement of the late 1970s, she received both her Bachelor degree and MBA while in her twenties immediately prior to starting her family. After her divorce at age thirty-seven, Cooper embarked on her own personal odyssey of self-discovery and the study of relationships. Cooper has participated in and facilitated personal transformation sessions through her local church for several years.

In her free time, Cooper enjoys dance, Zumba, biking, in-line skating, and walking. She is also an accomplished gardener who just enjoys being outdoors. A home-body by nature, Cooper, her husband, and dog enjoy outdoor grilling, sipping wine by their fire pit while watching as many sunsets over their backyard pond as they possibly can. She and her husband are the proud parents of seven adult children, eleven grandchildren, including the latest, Scott Riley, and five grand-dogs. They live in a suburb of Chicago with their dog, Riley.

(2017, Paperback, 204 pages)

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