Reflections of 4 AM Shadows

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Reflections of 4 AM Shadows
Reflections of 4 AM Shadows
by Mike McNicholas

Reflections of Four AM Shadows was born back in 2000. It started out as simple love poems between any two people of this world. As more poems were written during the years, I would hope my words would reflect true feelings others feel towards their loves.

These are descriptions of pure fantasy, thoughts of how the world should be, a touch of reality, and, of course, a few romantic comedies. I would like to caution my dear readers who may feel a sense of depression in my words, depression only occurred at times of death. Life is happy! Enjoy!

"E.L.N.O" was taken from a city street and turned into a fictional character. Dogs of War" are pets of mine, friends, and family incorporated into a silly story. Imagination and emotions show the mood of the author as words were written. Again, dear readers, enjoy!

About the Author

I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, the fifth child of ten. I worked almost twenty years as an independent contractor for Fedex Ground. I am the father of twin sons.

I enjoy walking, golfing, and writing. Now I work as an aide in a nursing home. My wife and I reside in Bedford, Ohio.

(2012, paperback, 82 pages)