Relative Vacations

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Relative Vacations
by Patricia Sands Schultz Relative Vacations is a collection of work that traces the adventures of one young girl over six summers, from the time she is nine until she is eighteen. After her mothers death, Lisas father has to figure out what to do with her during the summer because she is too young to stay at home all day. Against Lisas wishes, he sends her to Florida for a month to visit his parents. She ends up having a wonderful time, and this begins a series of vacations that introduces Lisa to different lifestyles and various areas of the country. Relative Vacations offers a look at how one girl adapts to new experiences and environments, giving attention to character development and detail. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Patricia Sands Schultz is a retired teacher from the New York school system. She also taught in Florida, Long Island, California, and South Carolina. Working with children from fourth to ninth grade, she found her niche filled with joyous challenges and an appreciation of education. (2004, paperback, 272 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.