Relevant Shadows

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Relevant Shadows

Relevant Shadows

By: Holbrook Breckenridge


About the Book

The work at hand encompasses a lifetime of effort along a twisting road to self-liberation. It proves to be a masterful design that enhances more than ever how a flower can and does grow through a crack in the sidewalk and how perseverance is the epitome of drive. The balance within this book is brought about through the author's personal conflicts, alone time to process, and, finally, his constant drive to bring about his personal understanding and growth. A truly remarkable work anyone can enjoy for better understanding and strength towards the progression of a better world.


About the Author

Holbrook Breckenridge resides in the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a distinguished outlook on life from a unique perspective. Being raised through adverse circumstances brought about the highs, lows, and in betweens in regards to his personal beliefs, psychological state, and spirituality. His option to throw in the towel constantly gives way to his cunning ability to share, while never losing focus on one's ability to do the best one can with the abilities one has.


(2020, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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