Relief of Expression, the Voice Within

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Relief of Expression, the Voice Within

by Alicia King-Thomas

Expressions take on great meaning! The word itself is bigger than its actual spelling. Expression collects collateral within.

The short story expression exposes a fictional relief of lifes reality. It reads the assumed life of every young child growing up with siblings. A parents love for his or her children is not subtracted from one child to the next but solely divided and distributed among them equally.

The poetry expression has a personal effect on its readers. It gives a more detailed description of the relations in their life. The words collide with its persons life experiences as though one has read their thoughts.

The expression of open thoughts created room to breathe and let off a little steam. The words are rotated in a personal matter relating to its own situation.

The bibliography expression gives a concrete structure of reality. It reads the truth about its author and her personal experiences in life.

And the memorable expression reflects on the past years of her life in picture motion. They are actually worth more than a thousand words!

About the Author

Alicia lives for the passion of writing. At first she was uncertain about a focal point on which to write, but she took the time to gather her thoughts. Thats when she knew it was her thoughts that had to be read. They were too inspiring to be kept to herself. She couldnt write her thoughts down fast enough. One thought led to the next, and she gave them some rhythm and emotions. She let her words sort themselves with the relations of meaning!

Alicia was born December 9, 1979, in Prichard, Alabama. Her parents are Willie Ann King and Paul Lewis Dilworth. She is the sibling of three brothers and two sisters: Paul Andrew William King, Deon Dilworth, Carols King, Catherine Annette Louise King, and LaKeesha Nicole Louise King. She is married to Kendrick LaBarron Thomas, and together they have two children: Alicia Cierra Thomas and Lamar RaShaud Thomas.

(2008, paperback, 166 pages)