Remember, Now, It Will Be Our Secret

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Remember, Now, It Will Be Our Secret

Remember, Now, it will be Our Secret

By: Charlene Canada


About the Book

Remember, Now, it will be Our Secret tells the story of a beautiful and well-educated wife and mother who loses her self-identity due to abuse by an overbearing man. This story tells of a family who enjoyed peace and joy in the beginning, and then embraced the terrible bondage of hate due to the alcoholism and physical bearing by a cruel man. Read on and find how the family found renewed peace in faith and how this wife and mother change their lives for the better. Faith and love in Christ can lead anyone out of pain and suffering to a life of joy.


About the Author

Charlene Canada has always wanted to write, but did not begin her writing journey until she was ill with cancer. From breast cancer that spread to her spleen to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she did not believe she would survive. She asked God for help and a new doctor came into her life who saved her and she is now cancer-free.


(2020, Paperback, 234 Pages)


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