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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9473-5
by Mary Medieros Rennee, a delicately small figure with black hair and blue eyes, was plagued by her "gift" of psychic powers from early childhood. She soon learned to keep it a secret, but when working for the police department, the gift helped to solve two cases with the help of Sgt. Jim Brown. Rennee and Jim were thrown into a special assignment filled with danger and intrigue. Will they come out alive? Would Jim, whom Rennee was beginning to love, be able to accept her gift as no one else had? Could he take a chance at loving again after he swore he wouldn't? Will they be given a chance to find out? ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary Medeiros lived in the tri-city areas of Washington State where she worked at Handford as a lab technician. When she moved to Spokane, she worked at Kaiser in the Quantumiter lab. Later, she worked with the city and county sheriffs' departments picking up shoplifters for one of the largest department stores in Spokane. From there, she worked in the city, county, and state jails where she was in charge of the women's section. Mary has always enjoyed flying her plane. She is now retired and enjoys painting, sewing, and writing from her home in beautiful Hawaii. (2004, paperback, 78 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.