Restful Places

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Restful Places
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Restful Places
by Audrey Cox

Author Audrey Cox lives on a farm in northern Mississippi. She loves the great outdoors and the beauty that nature brings. Her love for gardening and showing her show horses was her pleasure.

One day, Audrey realized she had become a young senior citizen. Instead of slowing down she decided to speed up and use her free time for writing. With pen in hand she would write poetry about the restful places she had seen. She would call them story poems and they could be read and reread.

Before resting from writers cramp Audreys poems were published universally: in gift shops along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi and a song poem in Nashville, Tennessee.

Audrey gets her writing material from the beauty of nature. She loves the four seasons of the year: a cold winter evening watching smoke curling out of a chimney with snowflakes softly falling down; the sudden awakening of springtime just after a rain; the bountiful harvest after a long hot summer; and the beauty and color of fall.

Audrey does not like to write fiction, but will occasionally come out of the box with her imagination.

Walk softly past the door to Audreys room and you will hear her old typewriter beating out a tune.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)