Results From The Forbidden Human Act

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Results From The Forbidden Human Act

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Results From The Forbidden Human Act
by Lynn Latham

For a long time, Lynn Latham wanted to know why humans have been performing such forbidden acts of behavior that caused their children to be born with slow learning abilities to almost mental retardation, physical handicaps, prenatal mortality, social problems, malformations, and many other problems. What Latham discovered is that these mental and physical problems the children are having can be stopped if humans will stop performing this forbidden act. He is sickened at what he has discovered. The worst thing is that humans performing this act are not smart enough to realize they are doing wrong. There are many good and respectful humans, but these are not the ones he is referring to in this book.

About the Author:

Author Lynn Latham was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma. He joined the United States Navy at age seventeen. It was in the middle of the Vietnam War. After 21 years in the Navy, he retired. He then took a position as a Federal Civilian employee with the Navy Department and worked another 23 years with them before retiring again. The Navy provided some great training and schools. The Author took college courses at night and finished his Bachelors degree.

(2017, Paperback, 138 pages)